International Women’s Day

HELL YA PEOPLE, today is International Women’s Day! A day for us to #BeBoldForChange.

I don’t normally voice my personal opinions on this blog about world news, politics, etc. But today, I wanted to stand in solidarity with all my fellow girls and ladies out there.

For those who are Canadian, we are pretty lucky. We have access to free health care, we are able to go to school, we are able to wear what WE want. These things are a privilege, and we should never forget that.

What values are we fighting for? Equality, justice, respect!

Why is it that in Nepal or Ethiopia girls can’t get an education? There are over TEN nations out there where girl’s education is deemed less important then a man’s. Why is it that some people don’t believe we have a right to do what we want with OUR OWN BODY. Why are we unable to earn a fair an EQUAL wage? These questions, to me personally, are insane. A women is able to do the exact same thing a man can do, and it’s time we get the justice we deserve.

We have fought for SO much, and today is a day we see how far we have come and how much further we have to go.

Support your fellow women out there! Happy International Women’s day.


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