Fall/ Winter Ready-To-Wear

Ok people… the ready to wear fashion shows are slowly coming to the end, and WOW how I have loved everything. From Marc Jacobs‘ insane show in Manhattan, to the fact that VELOUR IS BACK PPL!!

I have adored every show, and I can honestly say that I can not wait for Fall to come. The fashion trends are so wild, we have coloured fur, over sized EVERYTHING, layering, silks and SO MUCH MORE.

Nothing gives me more joy then watching to the fashion shows, and obviously Vogue Runway is able to help my serious addiction (hello, they have a live app.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My favourite line would have to be Anna Sui, her clothing is so fantastic, and she paves the way for mixing different materials and patterns together. Rachel Zoe‘s line was more my every day taste, with off the shoulder dresses, sequins and velvet!

I especially love the Vogue Runway because there are so many designers I have never heard of before, and of course fall in love with! Check out: Naeem KhanLisa Perry, and Sally LaPointe.

These artists express so much creativity, and a lot of my everyday style comes from watching the shows.

What was your favourite show to watch? Let me know in the comments below.



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