Raptors Swag

So, my boys are back in action! If you don’t know who I am referring to…it’s obviously the Toronto Raptors. Watching basketball is one of my favourite sports to cheer along too, and the clothing is way more fun than any other sport (think hockey, baseball etc.)

I have a lot of favourite players on the Raps, but I am at my ultimate fan girl with Terrence Ross. Some may doubt his playing skill, but this season he has been kicking some serious ASS.

So, with a game against the Cavs tonight I decided to show some support and do a post about my Rap swag.






On me: Raptors jersey, Topshop jeans, Air Jordan aqua 8s

I love my Aqua 8s with this outfit, the old school jersey and the colours in the shoe match so perfectly!

If you’re interested in hearing about how Ross has totally changed his playing skills (not including ditching Amber Rose) checkout this article: Raptors’ Ross


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