Happy Galentines Day!

OK my single ladies!! This valentines day I am single (and ready to mingle?) Unsure on that one to be honest.

I never really liked this day, it’s a made up holiday where you are forced to spend money (boy and girl) on silly presents. I am all about the self-love and friend love today!

Every year I treat my girls to a present, and this year I think is my best gift giving one yet. I purchased phone cases for my squad.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.35.44 PM.png

Adorable right? I have been cursed with all of my ex-boyfriends having some sort of crying problem, unsure as to why but it is what it is. So in honour of the struggles I went through I purchased these cases that are honestly, the truth.

The link for the case is below, girls! Treat yourselves today.

Let me know in the comments your unfortunate ex-boyfriend tales, and be thankful some one else has to deal with them now! Good riddance!


100% Boy Tears Iphone Case


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