Sweater Weather

Weirdly enough, the weather these past few days in Toronto has been insanely mild. Allowing me to not have to dress in a million layers and heavy turtlenecks.

In celebration of this beautiful weather I can wear a sweater with slits, scandalous I know! The sweater is from my secret weapon- Sirens. Honestly it is the store on Orfus Road, and they have everything you need for such a great price. Shockingly it also lasts through more then one wash cycle!









On me: Sirens sweater, Levi’s Jeans

I have spoken about Orfus Road before and I stand by what I said! Comfortable and fashionable clothes don’t always have to break the bank. This sweater is a staple item in my closet all because I wandered into a store I normally wouldn’t have thought twice about. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (and now I sound like my mom.)

Let me know if you have ever found a store you love, that is not normally where you shop in the comments below.



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