Cold Weather Accessories

It is gradually getting colder and wetter outside and with this unfortunate turn of events means that it is time for some cute cold weather accessories!

When you’re so crazy bundled up in your winter coat and boots its hard to show your own fun unique style. That’s why fun hats and scarves are such an awesome add on to any warm winter outfit!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.49.16 PM
1. Fluffy black ear muffs
2. Chunky purl knit beanie
3. Camp patch beanie
4.Black fuzzy infinity scarf
5. Purl knit infinity scarf
6. Yellow emoji knit beanie
7. Animal ears beanie
8. Frayed tartan plaid scarf

Urban OutfittersForever 21, and Claire’s are my go-to for inexpensive but warm looks to update my winter wear.

It is so important to be warm, or you will get a tough cold, so I highly suggest stocking up on cute accessories before they are all gone!

Neutrals are huge this season, ditching the neon colour from last for a more light and appealing tones.

Let me know what your favourite winter accessory is in the comments below.



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