Brrr It’s Cold Outside

Fall in Toronto lasts approximately 3 weeks, until it is absolutely freezing and you can no longer get away with just a leather coat and a scarf. It is pretty upsetting if you’re not interested in having to bundle up in a million layers to just be semi-warm in the Toronto weather.

Yes, winter can be a fashionable month too but it all depends on your outerwear! We are not a city that you can get away with wearing just a trench or a duster to keep us warm. We need some serious coats to get us threw the longest season: winter or the arctic (the shoe fits!)

I have put together a few of the coats that I think are the warmest, and most ‘fashionably fitting’ for the season. Unfortunately, when it comes to winter coats you need to drop a substantial amount of money. Toronto can get seriously freezing, so it’s worth the extra money to ensure you are keeping warm.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.53.33 PM

  1. Parajumper Gobi
  2. Canada Goose Montebello Parka
  3. Mackage Adalina
  4. Pajar Canada Brooklyn
  5. Rudsak Sophie

I personally have the Rudsak Sophie and I think it is amazing! Very warm and comfy, as well it is a 70/30 split with down fur. I need something warm because I take public transit to and from school, so this jacket is the perfect fit for me!

Most of these brands you are able to pick up at Sporting Life, or in Yorkdale they have the Rudsak store. My one tip would be to grab your jackets now! They are selling pretty quickly because the temperatures are dropping and everyone wants to keep warm.

Let me know what coat you’re going to buy for the winter in the comments below.



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