Fashion Illustration

I was so lucky to be able to collaborate with my friend Kelcey Vossen this past week, and she created two unbelievable illustrations of me! She is living in NYC and totally rocking it. Her everyday snaps of her illustrations transport you to a carefree and beautiful world where you are living in watercolor, and I love it.

Her work is absolutely fantastic, and makes me wish I could draw!

Below I have attached the illustration she created of me as well as a few of my favourites pieces of hers.

How to rock the off-duty look ✔️- fashion illustrations of @lex_berger, The Berger Queen;)

A post shared by Kelcey Vossen (@knicolevossen) on

Shine Bright ✨

A post shared by Kelcey Vossen (@knicolevossen) on

If you don’t follow her already, I would highly suggest you check her page out: @knicolevossen, or her website:

Girl is crazy talented, and there is nothing I love more then being inspired by someone who is so in love with what they do, and bringing joy to someone else’s life through creativity!

Let me know in the comments below what inspires you.



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