Home Run In Style

Toronto has been completely obsessed with baseball ever since The Blue Jays have been kicking butt the entire season. In acceptance of the fact that they will *hopefully* be winning the World Series I have picked out some fun baseball jersey’s that you can wear while cheering on your favourite MLB team.

From reppin’ a team, to just some funky designs, the baseball jersey is a fun shirt to wear to look casual but also sporty.

I have picked out a few online website’s that you can order a jersey if you’re interested in your ‘boyish’ side.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.15.39 PM

  1. Vintage Angels Jersey
  2. Blue Jays Jersey
  3. Married To The Mob Jersey
  4. Tie Dye Jersey
  5. Dodgers Jersey

I personally have the Dodgers jersey, and love wearing it out for brunch with ripped jeans and sneakers, perfecting the casual fun look!

Not added in the collage is Alyssa Milano (you may know her from Charmed), has her own sports line: Touch By Alyssa Milano which has numerous other sports jerseys for all the professional sports teams out there! Check it out if you’re interested in repping all of you’re choice teams: http://touchbyajm.com/

Let me know who you’re favourite MLB team is in the comments below.



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